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Wes, Pooh & Cucumber

Thank you for the support 💓

Update: Jun 14, 2021
Wes is doing alright. We're approaching 8 months of managing his condition. As it gets warmer he is spending more time outside fortunately. I've started giving him smaller doses of medicine more frequently throughout the day and it's been effective. It's grown very exhausting though and I'm left with close to no money at the end of the month.

In case of emergency, I do have a specialty credit card meant for doctors and vets. It helped pay for all of the cats much needed dental cleanings and extractions years back, but those are still being paid off.

I'll keep doing what I can within my means. If you happen to be reading this, please consider making a contribution. Thank you so much to everyone that's helped sustain my friend.

Update: May 2, 2021
Happy to report all the cats are well and enjoying the spring weather. I've been managing Wes' CKD for 6 months now. He's stable and still in better shape than he was. Also, like Wes, Cucumber is now choosing the indoor life 🐈

Update: Mar 25, 2021
Fortunately, Wes still seems stable! I recently updated his regimen to include "Kidney Support Gold" drops which I'm excited about. And of course, I'm still blown away by the continued support! I am patiently waiting for the next government stimulus, once this arrives I believe we'll be in good shape for the season.
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Winter 2020 Updates
Feb 28, 2021: Wes is doing alright! He seems stable, and this wouldn't be possible without all of the amazing support. Caring for his condition, along with dealing with the rest of the cats has become very exhausting but I don't want to see him suffer, so I will do my best within my means to support him.

The routines and procedures have become more familiar. Wes is less traumatized when I apply drops in his mouth, so giving him medicine has been going better. I switched over to a low phosphorus, low protein wet food (less toxic for the kidneys) and his vomiting has improved.

Jan 26, 2021: Wes is doing alright at the moment! He lost a little weight but is still eating, drinking, has good energy and started going outside again for short periods of time late at night. His energy and mood has improved over time and I think I've dialed in a decent regimen to support him for the time being.

I've been preparing little "soups" of food mixed with medicine that can take a bit of craftiness and coaxing for him to take to, but the gambit has mostly been successful. Also, happy to report the "Oral Health" tablets are helping with dental disease issues, and because of all the amazing support on top of stimulus money, I was able to stay stocked up on everything the babies needed this month 💝

Jan 7, 2021: Happy New Year! Thank you for the recent tremendous support 😍 Happy to report that I am stocked for the time being on wet food, litter, and remedies to support Wes and the babies.

Wes had a check up this week. Not too remarkable, the vet noticed the same issues as last time. No dental surgery will be happening, apparently because of a miscommunication it was scheduled but shouldn't have, given his current issues. He already had an extensive dental plus tooth extractions in 2016. For now, I'll be focusing on supporting him the best I can from home. I'm waiting on "Oral Health for Cats" tablets to arrive, which will hopefully make eating less painful for him.

Dec 18, 2020: Wes is healthy at the moment. He's alert, has energy, still eating, drinking, and not having bathroom issues. The last couple weeks were stressful, he was having difficulty with indigestion but since then I've added "Digestive Upsets" drops and it's been improving.

Things I'm currently addressing: kidney disease, dental disease, dehydration, heart murmur and hyperthyroidism.

Thank you so much for all the support.

Over the last 13 years I've been caring for 3 rescue cats. Cucumber arrived in 2008. Then in 2013, two neighborhood strays (Wes & Pooh) would adopt me. Cucumber & Wes are now 16 years old, Pooh I estimate to be around 11.

At my first vet visit with Wes, we discovered he had a microchip and had been abandoned by his original owners 10 years previous. They called him "Heavenly". Apparently, Heavenly did not like a new family dog and stopped coming home. They moved away soon after. He's a seasoned street cat, but has been retiring to indoor life the past year.

Unfortunately, during a vet visit this past fall, Wes was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease (early kidney failure). He also has a heart murmur, dental disease, and is suspected to be hyperthyroid. These are common ills for geriatric cats.

I don't have the resources to easily rely on the vet, so I've been treating it at home with a number of supplements and formulas with positive results. There is no cure for kidney failure, but it is manageable and will take ongoing work to slow the deterioration down. My priority is to keep him comfortable and pain-free.

Photo of medicine for cats
Our current regimen.

My financial circumstances were not ideal before this cat crisis, and it's now being stretched to the limit. If you'd like to support us, please purchase something from my Amazon Wish List or send a donation via PayPal. Thank you 💕

Some photos & videos... 😻

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Cucumber (cucucat)
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Wes & Pooh
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