Feb 10, 2020: Greetings 👋 Not to my surprise, the more I DJ, the more my ears hurt. I've recently taken a break from live mixing to recover, and have dabbled in some art & design streams since. This is an old passion of mine and hope to do more. As usual, thank you for all the kind words and support. Also, I've just set up a page to promote creative services I'm now offering.

Dec 18, 2020: Happy Holidays 🎄 I've been streaming a bit less the past month, my energy has been exhausted by a still ongoing cat health crisis. The situation is improving though, and I'm very grateful for everyone who has come out to support him ❤️ I'll be back soon 🐈

Nov 17, 2020: I am having a special event on Twitch this Saturday, November 21st beginning at 3 PM PST and going into the night. I am celebrating one of my favorite pop singers birthdays and hope to raise a little money for my eldest stray cat. Check out the flyer!

Nov 8, 2020: Welcome 🥰 I'm a DJ streamer on Twitch. I love music. I play various styles but tend to focus on dance and electronic music. This has been an on and off hobby over 20 years. I love deep, vintage and underground sounds. I also love cheesy pop. I created this site as a way to provide updates and additional information alongside my other platforms, it is a work in progress. Thank you for visiting 🌹